Lapis Lazuli Ignition Mini

Lapis Lazuli Ignition Mini

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Lapis Lazuli Oval Cabochon wrapped in Sterling and Fine Silvers

The Ignition Collection symbolizes the magical bond between metals and gemstones. As my first true solidification of a style, I wanted to symbolize how my work has only further ignited my passion for jewelry. I created this series using Faceted and Raw crystals to provide not only a range of beauty, but also a range of prices to fit any budget. Each pendant is handmade, every coil and curve formed with love. Oxidized and Polished to a mirror shine, each tiny piece turns heads wherever you go. Ignite your passion for art, and choose the Ignition Collection!

Weight: 2.6

Dimensions: 1 1/16" X 7/16" X 3/8"